Migrating from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest for me was the biggest catalyst for growth as an artist. The energy of this new experience of living between the might and mystery of the sea and mountains has left an indelible imprint on me. A renewed sense of wonder and love of wildness are gifts of this is experience I hold most dearly. Many of my subjects are sea life, flora, and fauna portrayed as reimagined accounts and impressions of  a new world. 

I love to share stories of personal interaction and observations of nature and its inhabitants through visual art. Use of natural materials is an integral part of the narrative. I work mainly with scrap wood from local wood shops, and use both gouache painting and wood burning techniques to create these landscapes. I rely on the unique wood grain of each wood piece to compose my subject matter, and often find the images in the grain itself. I continue to seek ways to push my work forward by experimenting with other natural materials such as floating inks, fabrics, embroidery, and dyes to find an even stronger partnership with nature and art.

I lived in the southwest suburbs of Chicago for over 30 years before moving to the Pacific Northwest. I currently reside in beautiful city of Bellingham with my husband Adam and our dog Smokey.  Much of my work is derived from our continuing exploration of Washington and the coast. Thanks to the supportive creative community of Bellingham and partnerships with local businesses and artists, I am able to share my stories and art with you.